Our law firm was founded by Adv. Zev Farber in 1997. We specialize in various areas of civil and corporate law. Adv. Z.Farber is a notary public officer, and our firm provides all kinds of notary services.

The founder of the law firm, Ze’ev Farber, made aliya in 1988 from the Soviet Union. There he received an MSc degree in Physics. In Israel, Ze’ev Farber completed a full course of study at the Faculty of Law in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and holds a Bachelor of Laws (LLB). In 1996 he was admitted to the Israel Bar Association. In 2009, Zev Farber received a LLM degree from Faculty of Law in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In addition to his legal practice, Zev Farber is the author of numerous legal and journalistic articles.